Drew Slash from Above


The idea's not original, it's not new, it's probably not even good, but it's all we got to offer. We're a growing group of wakeskate companies that plan to stick and work together under the same roof.

 Another new wakeskating company..? Typical.

The Who

 We're just wakeskaters making wakeskates. We are hoping to make other neat stuff with other cool wakeskaters, but we'll see how it goes. For now we're working with different established independent brands and selling wakeskates, for Wakeskating. We're not revolutionaries, we're not captains of the industry, we're not salaried, we're not saving the sport, purifying it, or legitimizing it, we're kids with no keys to the sport, just a stake in it. Kids who love the sport and boarded this ship when it first left harbor staying on it whether it means we're sailing or sinking. It's nice just pretending like we're steering.