New Accessories in the Store!

We are happy to let everyone that we have added some new accessory products to our store. With the addition of sticker packs and t-shirts to our online store you have a couple new ways to support and represent the Typical brand without putting as big of a dent in your wallet as one of our wakeskates. Sticker Packs are just $7.00 and our new Typical T-Shirts are just $20.00. So head on over to the Typical Supply products page and pick up some our new goodies!

Typical Sticker Pack - $7.00

Typical Sticker Pack - $7.00

Typical T-Shirts $20.00

Typical T-Shirts $20.00

The Istudiomo Lookbook

The crew over at Istudiomo has compiled a coffee table book perfect for any true wakeskate fan. The book is 370 pages long and contains all the behind the scenes and never before seen content from the full-length films production. On top of the hundreds of photos in the book there are detailed stories, articles, interviews, and scannable QR codes. The QR codes found throughout the book will take you to Istudiomo Lookbook exclusive videos. These are videos that won't be found anywhere else, but the codes in the book. 

The book comes in two cover coatings a shiny gloss finish and a soft clean matte finish.

Head on over to the shop and pick up one of these before they are all gone!




Virtue Welcomes Bammer Rehn!

Virtue Wakeskates kicks off its return to wakeskating by picking up young talent Bammer Rehn. Bammer is that firey young blood in the scene that found and progressed his wakeskating how the wakeskate elites always dreamed the next generation would, behind the winch. Beginning on the final frontier Rehn cultivated his riding and style on natural spots like drops and ledges with very little traditional influence from boat or jetski riding culture. Once immersed into the scene Bammer quickly adopted cable riding into his regiment and his progress took off.  Fully becoming a rider built around what many considered to be the two true thriving avenues of the sport in the future.