Each bringing its own strength and flavor to Typical.Supply portfolio


Virtue Wakeskates

Rising from the ashes Virtue Wakeskates returns to the wakeskate scene brought back to life by Tommy Wooten, Andrew Fortenberry and T.J. Giesey. Eager to put their own unique twist on wakeskating long-time friends turn to business partners.

Project Wakeskates

Established Brazilian outdoors brand Project Co. moves it's wakeskate manufacturing stateside and teams up with Typical Supply brands to bring more firepower to the team and diversity of choice to the product line. 


Part of a consortium full of product pushers, Istudiomo, is the one service provider. A media hub and the largest single wakeskate content creator on the web. This brand partner over time may turn from wakeskating's latest and greatest media provider to its future service provider.

typical supply co.

The manufacturing and distribution group, Typical Supply, has it's own authentic and interesting spin on style. In time it's likely the collective group itself will have just as a physical presence in products and accessories as its partnering brand companions