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Project Wakeskates

Andrew Roehm 38.5" / S'more


Trusted durability, a snappy rocker line, and a comfy concave are what set Typical Supply products apart from its industry competitors. A Friendly and forgiving edge, reliable rotation, and an artistic style unlike any other are what set Project Wakeskates apart from everything else.

The Andrew Roehm S’more 39.5" Project wakeskate is a new size to the collection. This small and agile board is the ideal size for groms (kids), ladies, and all the rippers out there trying to get extra tech with a light weight and quickly maneuverable board.

See "Additional Info" below for our limited warranty policy.

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Andrew - smore web.jpg
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Additional Info

Please note: Typical Supply Co. wakeskates are handmand start-to-finish and this means there can be slight imperfections in the board's graphic or the board's shape/construction. None of these imperfections will be easily noticeable or affect your boards performance in anyway, but these imperfections could be present on your order it is unavoidable when they are completely handmade. 

Limited Wakeskate Warranty:

Your Typical Supply Co. wakeskate product is a tested and proven durable wood wakeskate, but it is not indestructible. If your board breaks from the riding of obstacles (sliders, kickers, ledges, etc.) or the riding of nontraditional landscapes (waterfalls, spillways, step-ups, etc.) these sorts of activities are not covered our product purchase warranty. Additionally, if you are the second-hand owner or claiming a warranty on Typical Supply Co. wakeskate product that you personally are not listed on our order records the warranty is voided. That being said, if you are the original owner of the board and it is damaged from traditional riding (it's rare, but it happens..) to an extent where the performance of the product is negatively affected you are eligible for a warranty claim. This is only in the instance of damage from purely flat water and boat wake riding. After we receive your board and do our own personally inspection we'll either patch your original board back to proper condition or get you a better performing replacement deck back to you and a hand written apology for our cruddy job on your board.

Please please don't leave your board in direct sunlight and harsh weather for extended periods of time. Properly store your wakeskate in the shade or in a climate controlled setting when storing for longer periods of time. If we get back a claimed board that is sun torched after sitting in the sun for days we'll be pretty bummed. In certain circumstances this could void your purchase warranty.

All in all, enjoy your board we hope it treats you as well as ours treat us and we'll do everything we can to leave you satisfied with your product and customer experience here at Typical Supply Co.