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Wakeskate Griptape


Typical Supply Co.'s griptape is your industry standard non-perforated grip to keep out water. Our griptape gives you that classic skateboard feel even when it's wet. Built to last, your Typical Supply griptape shouldn't wear out on you anytime soon, but when that far-away day does come we've got you covered on a fresh new sheet! 

20 Dollars?!? Why so expensive? 

Well we are literally just spray painting wide skateboard grip so if you're buying this product it's most likely one of two reasons. 1) You're just trying to support Typical, in that case, thanks friend! Or 2) You think our logo and brand image is so cool that you want everyone to see you rocking our logo under your feet, in that case, thanks friend!. Either way, we value our branding at 20 dollars a pop, could be 30 tomorrow.. Not to mention, that's about the price you pay if you bought the same surface area of skateboard grip from your local skate shop.

See "Additional Info" below for limited warranty policy.

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Typical Full Sheet Grip.jpg

Additional Info

Limited Wakeskate Warranty:

Please please don't leave your griptape in direct sunlight and harsh weather for extended periods of time. Properly store your wakeskate in the shade or in a climate controlled setting when storing for longer periods of time. If we get back complaints that the grip is fading, peeling, or cracking because it has been sun torched after sitting in the sun for days we'll be pretty bummed. If your griptape is bubbling take the sharp point of a screwdriving, razor blade, or exacto knife, and puncture a small hole to release any trapped air. Firmly press the grip back down and give time for it to settle before submerging it back in water. In certain circumstances not adhering to these rules and recommendation could void your purchase warranty. That being said, if your grip is instantly giving you problems out of the box quickly shoot us a message or email and we'll get you sorted out. Sometimes the problem can be easily fixed on your end if not we'll take the proper steps to you get you what you need. 

We are not responsible for separately purchased grip being ripped or ruined by being applied incorrectly. If you are gripping a board for the first time we recommend you seek the instruction of someone who has experience gripping wakeskates or any instructionals online. 

All in all, enjoy your grip we hope it treats you as well as ours treat us and we'll do everything we can to leave you satisfied with your product and customer experience here at Typical Supply Co.